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Re: [at-l] Avery Awards and Avery monitors

At 10:35 AM 3/2/00 -0500, kahley7 wrote:
>At 12:27 PM 2/29/00 -0600, Leslie Booher wrote:
>>What are Avery Awards and Avery monitors?  I don't know nuttin' about them
>>critters.  Leslie
>The Avery Awards are Dan's idea to establish a new certification for a 
>He is disturbed by the ATC's current standard and their reliance of the
>of the hiker's representation of the purity of their hike.
>His plan will allow a hiker to apply for an Avery by submitting their 
>The application will then be posted on the internet for review.
>Hikers who wish to dispute the legitimacy of the applicants purity will be
>invited to submit a challenge.

Over two years ago I left ATML because of WF's obsession over certification
for a thru-hike and the purity thereof. I may be responsible for this idea
because before leaving I pointed out to him that ATC does not *certify*
anything and the patch they give is awarded for being a 2000 miler *not*
for being a thru-hiker. If you were lucky enough to live that long you
could do the trail one mile per year and when you finished you'd still
qualify as a 2000 miler. I then suggested that if it was recognition of
"THRU-HIKING" (say that in an appropriately deep and serious tone of voice)
that he wanted, he should set up his own award, certificate or whatever
rather than criticize the ATC for not doing *their* thing by *his*
standards. I never dreamed he would.

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