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[at-l] Avery Awards and Avery monitors

At 12:27 PM 2/29/00 -0600, Leslie Booher wrote:
>What are Avery Awards and Avery monitors?  I don't know nuttin' about them
>critters.  Leslie

The Avery Awards are Dan's idea to establish a new certification for a 
He is disturbed by the ATC's current standard and their reliance of the honesty
of the hiker's representation of the purity of their hike.

His plan will allow a hiker to apply for an Avery by submitting their 
The application will then be posted on the internet for review.
Hikers who wish to dispute the legitimacy of the applicants purity will be
invited to submit a challenge.  The challenge will be evaluated and voted
on by the Avery board.  If it is accepted the hiker will be refused admittance
into the Avery Society.

Other suggestions were that there be a test of trail fact.....
a kind of final exam or "boards" to qualify as well.  As well as, in jest
I hope....a barcoded patch that could be scanned at shelters and

"Avery Moniters " is my moniker for people who would bother to keep
track of who was where and when with such accuracy .....people who
would be sooo concerned as to the purity of another hikers hike as
to be involved in such an evaluation.  I asked if they would be officially
sanctioned and wear a patch or badge so that prospective Averyers would
know with whom to register to insure validation or if, perhaps a stealth
core of monitors wouldn't be better able to keep truthful track of

Maybe I'm PARANOID, but I remember the traffic safety moniters from
grade school.  Teacher Teacher....Kahley didn't stay in the crosswalk!!!!!
Even then I had trouble staying within the lines ;^(  Detention again <sigh>

And now I am heading back to the trees.....they tell no tales and let me
rant at will <VVVBG>

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