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Re: [pct-l] ADZPCTKOP

It's never too early to start getting ready for an event like this. I'm
tuning up the RV.......this time it will work and I won't have to drive it
back to SD at midnight.  I am going to overhaul the old gas BBQ and make the
shelves on the ends bigger.....maybe I won't burn Greg's eyebrows off this
time if he has a little more room to work.

I think we should have the date decided and announced by Christmas.  Should
we take a lesson learned from 1999 and tell the Morena Campground Rangers we
are going to have "an event?"  They might be very helpful.  They might also
want a pile of money.  Or should we "stealth camp" by simply coordinating
our campsite reservations among ourselves?  I think last time they just
looked the other way and didn't try to get a campground fee from the
through-hikers.  It would be helpful if I could reserve a site with RV
hookups.  There's just no end to the convenience the RV affords.
Refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven etc.

Any slack- or otherwise packing I do will have to be between Friday
afternoon and Sunday evening. I have 180 9th graders and I want to be in
class.  I could join up the following weekend if the logistics can be worked
out and I'm not slowing anybody up.

I am not sure of what effect all the fires had on Section A.  There were at
least 3 big fires around Campo.  I might have to make a little Trailhead
reconnoiter one of these weekends........

Hike on !!  Bob Riess at the TrailHead in San Diego.

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