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[pct-l] Bugpests

have some rythm or reason as to why the bugs will prefer one person over
next? Sweet blood?
Rusty "MyTie" Johnston"

	Sweet blood may be exactly it. It is said that diet affects how ya
smell to the bugs. Case in point: my wife & I were lunching by a pool
and I was apparently flypaper and she was invisible; my meal consisted
of junkfood nutritionally indistinguishable from it's garish packaging,
while she ate her usual selection of spiceless, sugar-free roots,
grasses & creek gravel.

	Something about the esters, perfumes, sugars, and so forth, present in
a meal or already consumed and lurking on the surface of the skin? I've
noticed that on longer trips, after weeks of a controlled non-junk diet,
them flying pests are seldom a problem.

	Application of DEET, etc. has so many downsides, including the fact
that it almost takes use of a biplane cropduster to be effective. The
best preventative is just to not be where the bugs are. 20 meters of
elevation can make a big difference.

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