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DEET should only be a last resort for those momments you are on the verge of 
insanity from the bugs. The alternative "healthy" bug replents work for a 
while if the bug load is not to high and then it doesn't repel them, just 
stops them from bitting. One thing I find that works well for me with the 
bugs is an oversized hankercheif that I use much like a horse uses its tail. 
Keep it moving and it disturbs the bugs enough to keep them from bitting. 
You can also try applying DEET to the hankercheif and waving it around to 
get the hormal effect DEET has on masquitoes. Then there is garlic and 
vitamin B (which one?).

Has anybody observed how some people get bitten more then others. This is 
the case with my wife and it is to the point that all I have to do is take 
her along as my bug repelent. They go after her and leave me alone. Anyone 
have some rythm or reason as to why the bugs will prefer one person over the 
next? Sweet blood?
Rusty "MyTie" Johnston

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