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Re: [pct-l] The Bear Story

At 03:38 PM 10/1/99 +0000, reynolds@ilan.com wrote:

 > I can just visualize this guy's post "I
 >have slept with my food for YEARS and NEVER had a problem"

Tom. I don't ever recall anyone on this list advocating sleeping on their food in high season in a popular campground, especially one with bear boxes. Your story doesn't apply to the thru hiker food storage discussions that have happened on this list. I think hikers traveling in high season, camping in popular campgrounds in the areas where the bears have figured out how to defeat food-hanging, should definitely use bear cans or bear boxes. I don't think that has ever been in disupute.

> >This is the reason that using canisters or boxs are now required between
> >Forrester Pass and Glen Pass [ Actually somewhere North of Charlotte Lake].

This interests me. Were can I find a reference to a regulation requiring this? There was a temporary rule last season, but it expired, and I didn't think they renewed it.

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