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Re: [pct-l] The Bear Story


Here is the NPS order concerning the region. This doesn't look temporary to
me. When I went through there [7/23-8/1]  I met many parties who were
hiking from bear box to bear box. They were told that they must use a bear
box [the redion was between Vidette Meadow and Forrester Pass]. When I
reached the flat spot at 11000+ North of Forrester I saw a sign saying you
must use a box [or canister]. The next day I ran across thruhikers planning
to ascenf Forrester Pass. They were on the flat below the switchbacks. They
had a good plan to use bear box's. I told them that the Center Basin bear
box was off the trail and hard to find.

Further, there is at least one journal on the PCTA that relates how they
camped at center basin and couldn't find the bear box [It was very late]

                    Bear Activity Alert                         

Bears are active in the Kearsarge Lakes, Bullfrog Lake, and Charlotte Lake
   areas. They have been successful in obtaining food from food hangs in
Center Basin, and along the Bubbs Creek Drainage from Forester Pass through
   Vidette Meadows and down to Cedar Grove. We have had two individuals
injured by bears in Center Basin and on the JMT/Bullfrog Crk Junction. One
     was protecting his food hang, the other had his food in his pack,
                     improperly stored, he was cited.

  If you are traveling in this area you must pay attention to proper food
 storage. Food hangs DO NOT WORK. Please be advised that if you intend to
camp in any of these areas you MUST use the food storage boxes provided at
 Charlotte Lake, Kearsarge Lakes, Vidette Meadow, and Junction, Charlotte,
 and Sphinx campsites along Bubbs Creek. If parties do not have individual
     food canisters, they need to consider camps where food storage is

   You are encouraged to make day trips into Center Basin, No Camping --
                       unless you have food storage.

  Superintendent Mike Tollefson has approved a recommendation for a food
storage restriction in those areas mentioned above. This restriction states
 that food must be stored in either an individual food canister or in the
      food storage boxes provided. Food hangs will NOT be permitted.

  Signs will be posted in the backcountry at at Kearsarge Pass, Forester
  Pass, Charlotte Lake, and Cedar Grove and on bulletin boards throughout
                               these areas.

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