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[pct-l] The Bear Story

This is the reason that using canisters or boxs are now required between
Forrester Pass and Glen Pass [ Actually somewhere North of Charlotte Lake].
I submit this as the "Strider's Darwin Award of 1998". [If you can't top
this don't apply]  This goes to show that education and experience are no
match for man's innate stupidity. I can just visualize this guy's post "I
have slept with my food for YEARS and NEVER had a problem"

From another forum:

And I thought I covered that last year with the Fresno newspaper story
about the Sierra Club outting leader who got his face ripped open by a lone
paw coming straight thru the side wall of his tent in the night, in Vidette
Meadows...because he was using his food bag as his pillow...so the bears
wouldn't get it!  (A professor from CSU, Fresno.)

There are even multiple, large, steel food boxes in Vidette Meadows!  This
guy was a naive, foolish person who paid severely for his lack of common
sense. (Over a hundred stitches worth and permanent disfigurement.)

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