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[pct-l] Knees

I think there is no joint in the body that takes the pounding that knees do when you are hiking with a pack in a roaky area. I've had and recovered from a knee problem and relating a few details may help somebody through a similar ordeal. I developed a severe pain in one knee several days after an early season bike ride - pushing really hard on a cold spring day, without a warmup.
At least three doctors said it was caused by grinding under the knee cap and they suggested an operation to fix it. I asked if it was grinding, why did I feel pain to press on the tendon just below the knee cap. Finally, a kinesiologist agreed with me that it was in fact a tendon problem and it would heal. It took one and a half years, but it healed completely.
All I can suggest is, do not let any one operate on your knees. I've heard too may horror stories and it probably isn't necessary. Go to see a chiropractor or sports oriented doctor.