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[pct-l] Snowshoes

My snowshoes are the MSR Denali Llama 22" which come with optional MSR
Snowshoe Tails 30.  they are easy to attach and add 8 inches of floatation.
and for snow camping in deep snow or powdery conditions  or when carrying a
heavy pack they are great attachments.  In the spring when the snow is
firmer I just use the shorter snowshoe (with out the tails)  they also have
side rails on the bottom which are great when having to do a uphill
traverse.  there is no slipping. And I use ski poles with them.  They are
put out by Mountain Safety Research, Seattle WA  800 877 9677  I bought mine
at REI and they have a super easy  in and out (binding ) for your foot.

Marge (the old gal)

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