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[pct-l] Safe water filter

I have just purchased the 1/2 liter  Safe water Filter.  It was the hardest
buy I have ever done.  The young man in the shop tried to sell me anything
but this. I am trying to reduce my pack weight and leave the PurHiker filter
at home.  So thought I would be just okay with this filter and iodine tabs
when needed.  Now some of the negatives this young man put in my mind are:
You have to completely dry off the outside of the filter before you drink or
pour it into any other receptacle.  That the cotton filter gets plugged up
too much (is it wise to use a coffee filter in addition to the cotton
filter?  What have others experienced with this filter I would be glad of
the input.  thanks..I realize that is does not filter out virus.

Marge  (the old gal)

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