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Re: [pct-l] Bear Bluffing made easy

>>Would you Tom???

There is no way a bear is going to mess up my trip. I take too %$#@ few of
them!! I like the slingshot idea and I have seen some of these new models
that will send a pellet at high velocity. I suspect that you would have to
hit a bear in exactly the right place to kill it but I'd bet that park
rangers world frown on the practise.

I used to carry Counter Assault Pepper Spray (10%) but I never used it. Now
the canister works fine IF the bears shows up. I agree with Sly that bears
seem to look for and easily smell hung food. I think that hanging food
attracts bears. I have very little bear action compared to those who camp
very near me. It seems that bears find hung food lots easier than

Most of all I like the steelie idea. My plan is to hunt 130 pound
thruhikers sleeping on their food. ( <-this is a joke guys)

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