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[pct-l] Bear Bluffing made easy

As I stated earlier, I practice good camping habits in bear country. ( which 
is all of Washington as we have one of the most dense bear popultions in the 
U.S. ) Hanging your food is also good protection from mice. I don,t look for 
trouble with any bears. But if a bear is sniffing around my camp, he will get 
nailed with the wristrocket. If you walk up with a log or a 2x4, or whatever, 
to hit a bear in the head, you are a fool. This puts you one heart beat away 
from an ugly swat or worse. A swingshot ( wristrocket ) gives you good 
distance ( 40 yds. ) and is much more than a bluff. I aim for the ribs which 
is enough to grab their attention and send them looking elsewhere. A steely 
is large, accurate and can be lethal to a 250 lb. bear a close range in the 
side of the skull. ( I do not advice or endorse that shot )  I carried a 
wrist rocket from Mexico to  to  Sawers Bar,   ( Northern Calif. ) where it 
fell off my pack and was lost.  Don't knock it till you  try it. A fusee is 
also helpful in defending food as it lights a large area and confuses bears. 
If I'm 4 days into a 10 hike, I'm not going to let some rogue bear mess up my 
trip!  Would you Tom???
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