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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #851

REgarding all the debate about "to filter or not to filter", let's not go
back to the dark ages. Giardia exist. They can be filtered out of water, so
why not do it. I consider a break to slowly pump some water, often in the
shade beside a cool stream, to be a nice break. If it wasn't for the need to
filter, I'd probably push on until totally exhausted before stopping.
In the congested, horse infested Sierras, why would anyone take a chance at
drinking horse piss! Even the high country meadows and streams are alive at
night with romping, feces producing animals. Would you want to drink it
A hiker I met in the wilds of Northern Ontario put it quite eloquently when
I asked her if she always filtered her water. She answered yes, ever since
while in Alaska she drank unfiltered water at a small pristine looking
stream, only to go a few hundred yards upstream and find a party of horses
relieving themselves in the same stream.
Personally, the only place I would not filter water is where it comes
directly from a glacier and is full of rock flour.
My MSR Miniworks filter is so light, dependable, easily maintained and
economical, that it makes filtering an easy task, and ends my debate on
whether or not to carry a filter.

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