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Re: [pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #851

At 07:18 PM 8/25/99 -0500, Tom Simon wrote:
>why would anyone take a chance at drinking horse piss! 
> she drank unfiltered water at a small pristine looking
>stream, only to go a few hundred yards upstream and find a party of horses
>relieving themselves in the same stream.

Horses and cows DO NOT carry Giardia (or Crypto). Only Ominvores like
beavers, marmots, rats and humans carry it. As distasteful as horse waste
is, it is not a Giardia source.

Anyway, urine is essentially sterile. The pollution from urine is chemical,
not biohazard.

Backpacker filters do not remove chemicals, and many don't remove bacteria
(the pore size is for Giardia, which is lots bigger.) Filters will NOT
remove "horse piss." Filter the water if you want to, but do it for the
right reasons.

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