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RE: [pct-l] Guardia


	This is too big a leap.  Just because I, as a male, am a 'carrier' 
of pregnancy, doesn't mean I am constantly spreading it.  Where and how 
I dispense my pregnancy 'germs' has a lot to do with their 'infectousness'.
If Giradia 'carriers' use the standard 200-feet-from-water rule, there is 
no reason to expect they are comtaminating as they go.  Being a Giardia 
carrier is no more threatening than being a male.  It's the degree of 
intelligent bahavior on the part of the carrier that creates or mitigates 
the threat.

	Also, treating your water when you are already a carrier does not 
change the equation, as your last sentence seems to imply.


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From: Joanne Lennox [mailto:goforth@cio.net]

Tom you wrote "The decisions to ignore the dangers of giardia endangers
none but yourself"

<<Stuff deleted for space efficiency.>>

Thus, somebody who does not treat their water, and does not get sick, does
not necessarily harm only themselves.  Their inaction may in fact may be
the genesis of others getting sick.

These are suppositions of course. But If I could get away with not treating
my water, and not getting sick, I would do it.  If I knew I was a carrier,
I think it would be different.

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