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[pct-l] Dryloft Down Bags

Dryloft is used primarly in down bags (I know of only two synthetic
bags with Dryoft) and (as Karen wrote) you can get them from a lot of
well known manufacturers. I used a Feathered Friends on my thru hike. 

If it's a good idea or not is a good question. The FF Swallow I used on
the PCT had Dryloft while I hiked the AT in a very similar bag without.

While Dryloft will reduce breathability somewhat it will also add
warmth and some protection from moisture/water. I find that very useful
in tents, shelters and tarps.

Using a bivvy bag in stead is certainly no option for me. While Dryloft
add almost no weight a seperate bivy bag will weigh quite a bit. A
pound or more if it's Gore-Tex. 

I've tried an OR Gore-Tex bivy bag and found it useless. It worked OK
in completely dry conditions (not much use of for it then), but even
morning dew was enough to create so much condensation that my bag got
soaked inside. That was without any other protection, but using a
Gore-Tex bivy inside a tent or tarp seems like an overkill to me. I'd
go for Dryloft or nothing. 

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