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[pct-l] filters

>My plan for the future is to assume that all water needs >filtering.

Me too. Even if the bugs are 100% dead there's all kind of disgusting stuff in some water sources :-) That's why we use a prefilter of some kind like some of the others said. It also helps the filter last longer.

Another thing is to get a filter that you can clean in the Field and to read the manufacterer specs on about how long before their filter conks out. I am working on the math now to figure out how many filters I think I'll need next year, more than one that's for sure!

Every ranger I've talked to says not to count on piped water being safe. Lots of times the pipes are there just to prevent erosion around the water source or to make it easier to fill a jug or horse trough that's all. It's not the same as the faucet at home. Water isn't always safe just because you see it come out of the ground like somebody said either. It depends on lots of things like the water table at different times of year, and stuff like that.  

I LIKE to swim or take little dunk baths on a trip as much as I can. When it's hot I just soak with all my clothes on and it cools me off later while I walk. I don't think that's so dumb and I plan on doing it next year too.     Sue

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