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[pct-l] Northbound thru in 2000

Responding to Dave:

  I'm thinking about a Northbound thru hike next spring too. I've been 
  every book I can get a hold of: PCT guides, Jardine's Book, Eric Ryback's
  account, Cindy Ross's, Journal entries from the PCTA page...  Any other
  great books I should be reading?

  I've been running, testing trail stamina (I just made 30 mi so, I just
  to work on doing that back to back), rebuilding a lightweight external 

  I think your right abouut a long training/preparation time.  I just hope 
  not to late.

  I'm looking forward to hearing any of your good advice.

  If you think this should be posted, please do so.

  Best of Luck,

  Neil Hollister
  Portland OR

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