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Re: [pct-l] is the border safe?

Andrew - Speaking of stereotypes and Aryans -

Boy ain't that the truth!  On the Calif portion - watch out for those drug 

I was sitting on the shore of Caples Lake off Hiway 88 near Carson Pass a 
while back, just enjoying nature, and out of the woods comes a walking 
stereotype:  looked like that kid on the cover of Time that shot the kids at 
school in Arkansas, all dressed in fatigues, carrying a rifle (well - a gun 
with a long barrel anyway, whatever it was!) accompanied by an adult male 
dressed exactly the same.  They looked like survivalists or maybe just deer 
hunters - I don't know, but I couldn't help but be a little startled and 
nervous.  Just when I had talked myself into not being so judgmental - they 
were probably nice guys, the man pointed his gun in the air and shot it off 
with no warning or anything.  I just about jumped out of my skin.  He was 
signaling his cohorts to come across the lake on their boat to pick him up, 
it turns out, but jeez!  I thought it was MY lake!  Gets a little weird 

Mary B

>From: "andrew kellerman" <kellerman@conok.com>
>To: pct-l@backcountry.net
>Subject: [pct-l] is the border safe?
>Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 14:53:03 -0800
>What's with the paranoia about "illegals" and seeing Spanish in  restrooms? 
>We should be more worried about places like Yosemite, where WASPs are 
>racking up a body count. I'll be getting nervous toward the north border 
>myself. All those Arayan Nation types with assault rifles.
>Speaking of steroetyping "ethnics", did anybody see CNN last week? Some cop 
>in MA was training recruits that Mexicans and Pakis aren't affected by 
>pepper spray like other people. He said it's because they eat all that 
>spicy food and work in chile pepper fields all day. I think I'll donate my 
>old running shoes to him.      A. Kellerman
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