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RE: [pct-l] Northbound thru in 2000 & North Cascades


Training is good but you don't need to over do it. Most of the success or
failure in a thru-hike (unless injury or weather related) is mental. Your
reading helps you to be mentally aware of the likely problems so you can
adjust better to them. The nice thing about backpacking, is that if you're
in reasonably good health and condition when you start, the act of hiking
will assist with your condition if you take it easy in the early stages.

I'd also talk with other thru-hikers who've completed the trek. Living in
Portland your in a wonderful position to attend the American Long Distance
Hikers Association - West annual gathering coming up this October. It's a
place to gain a wealth of information about gear, food, trails, etc. See the
web link at the bottom of this message for more info.

North Cascades:

It maybe that the North Cascades maybe a problem next year even if we don't
have another La Nina year. Unseasonably cool weather has kept a large
portion of the snow in higher elevations. Add to that a normal snow year and
you'll still have lots of snow next summer.

I just got off the PCT after 4 days walking in Southern Washington. Reports
were still heavy snows further North. I did talk to one person who had
indicated that at least 2 people had gotten through hiking South. That is
unconfirmed and he was caring snow shoes. 

I'm headed back up into Washington to retrieve some supply boxes today and
I'll try to get better trail conditions from local Ranger districts.

This years weather will have a big effect on the animals of the Northwest.
Hiking through miles of huckleberry bushes I didn't see more than a handful
of berries. This years crop is nil. So bears and other animals needing them
to fatten up for winter will face a bleak picture. 

Ron "Fallingwater" Moak
Fallingwater Journals - www.fallingwater.com
Pacific Crest Trail Assoc. - www.pcta.org
American Long Distance Hikers Association - West -

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