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Re: [pct-l] Mosquito's in section I mid Sept?

>From: Tom Rogers <tfrogers@san.rr.com>

>Comparing the two sections, Section I (Tuolumne to
>Sonora Pass) featured creeks and canyons; Section J
>(Sonora Pass to Tahoe) was lake country,
>all but the first night's camp were alongside lakes,

	While there are occasional lakes between Sonora Pass and Tahoe, I only 
camped near large ponds twice in that section. In both cases they were 
stagnant. The lakes in Section I at least had water flowing through them.

>The entire stretch was wonderful, but if I had to rank the sections for 
>overall enjoyment, and lack of bugs,
>I'd pick Section J over Section I.

	One of the drawbacks to Section J is the impact that cattle have had. 
Several places that looked like great campsites on the map turned out to be 
unusable because cattle had left more than footprints.

	Another is the many jeep trail crossings. North of Ebbits pass it can be 
done as a series of Dayhikes. It crosses 4 good roads.

	While I wouldn't expect any bear problems on this section, I did have a rat 
attack my food sack, at campsite near Sherrold Lake, while I was trying to 
get a rope over a tree limb to hang my food. The rat was so persistent that 
I finally had to get another hiker to hold my food bag while I got the rope 
up. Throwing rocks at this rat did not deter it.

	In spite of all this, Section J was a nice one to hike through. I enjoyed 
the gamulon orchestra (made of the many clanging cow bells) as I hiked along 
the Upper Truckee River one evening.

	Have a good trip through section I.


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