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[pct-l] RE: pct-l-digest V1 #834

It seems to me that Ms Jensen has been singled out for software 
glitches more than once. The explanation that a word in one of her posts sent to the list would find its way to Majordomo@ majordomo and remove her from the list does not sound plausible to me. I have written to her asking if she received the usual listserve confirmation of her "command" for instance.

I agree fully wth Jim that we be informed as to whether this is an uncensored list or whether our offerings pass through the Administrator's mailbox first. Jensen's posts have also given me a view of parts of the actual trail and outdoor life that are not only useful but interesting. I have not read any name-calling in her posts, although that seems to be permitted from others.

>If anyone cares enough to want to see the post, please send me >a request off-list and I will forward it.

I would be extremely wary of an offer to supply privately a version of what another subscriber supposedly wrote. At least if a public letter is altered, the author might be able to dispute the tampering.        Barb

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