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[pct-l] WA trail damage (Seattle PI)

Today's issue of the Seattle PI has an article titled
"Snows leave havoc in trail country "

Saturday, August 7, 1999


in part is reads:
"At North Cascades National Park, the snowpack was 164 percent of normal,
and the melt is about four weeks late.

"Hikers usually are able to use Cascade Pass by Independence Day. This
year, that didn't happen until last week.

"And hikers who are trying to complete the northern parts of the Pacific
Crest Trail may have to wait another year. When will the snow there melt

The problem isn't just the snow; maintenance is behind, both because of
the quantity needed and the delays in accessing higher portions.  Most of
the WTA work parties my son has participated in have focused on the lower
couple of kilometers of accessible trail.  Also a lot of bridges are out,
and there are lot of avalanches and mud slides.


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