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[pct-l] Running Shoe vs HIking Boot

 Hi PCT-L listers ...
   from another 200#er ... one of several ideas that I tried and rejected 
from the Book Of Jardene was running shoes for backpacking ... mainly because 
of the many cholla and sharp rocks here in New Mexico.  As with most of the 
rejected ideas, I found a compromise, in this case, the LL Bean "Rugged 
Walkers." These low-cut shoes have a good tread, thick foot-bed, are 
comfortable, and weigh only about a pound more than running shoes.  Some 
other advantages: easy break-in, EE widths, low price [$55 FED EX to your 
door], and they'll take a heel-screw to attach gaiters [try putting one of 
these in your Nike Airs]!  Of importance to a thru-hiker: you can order a 
replacement pair toll-free during your trek, and know exactly what's coming.
        Blaze  GA-ME "94
[Bean (in whom I have no commercial interest other than as a customer) also 
makes an oversize 20 degree sleeping bag for us double-wides].
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