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[pct-l] Re: Experience with Superfeet insoles?


I posted your message to the PCT list and also wanted to respond. I use
SuperFeet insoles in my running shoes to help with my arches. They do help
with heel control and I would recommend you try them.

One interesting observation I have made, and this is not scientific. When
you read the package they mention that when you pick the insole size that
corresponds to your shoe size you might feel unusual pressure in the arch
as your foot makes an adjustment. They make it sound as if your arch is
too far forward and the insole is going to force it to move toward the

I wear a size 12 and that is the size I bought, the first time several
years ago. They were so painful I never used them. Should have taking them
back but never did. After a conversation I had with a running friend I
discovered that I could use the size for a 15-17 shoe and get a perfect
fit for my heel and arch. I just cut down the front and sides of the

Now, this is just my person experience and it has worked great for me.
Maybe I just have wierd feet. But, before you buy them, lay them on the
floor and stand on them to try the fit.

As always, YMMV.


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> I recently had a boot fitter recommend Superfeet insoles as a way to
> help my narrow feet (B width) fit better inside both trail runners and
> lightweight hiking boots. He said Superfeet provide excellent heel control,
> help to keep the foot from sliding forward on downhill stretches, and minimize
> foot fatigue from impact shock on long multiday hikes. I'd like to hear
> from anyone who has used Superfeet insoles and how they compare with other
> types of insoles (Spenco, etc.).Thanks for your input.

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