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[pct-l] Looking for Dave Long (Dave the Hiker)

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Friday July 2nd
Hi!  This is a legitimate message-no SPAM here!
I am trying to find out if anyone has seen my brother on the PCT.  He left Tehachapi on Sunday June 20th and he was hiking with Jeff and Melanie from Packwood,WA.  I am assuming that since there is no phone in Kennedy Meadows that instead of contacting me,as planned, that they have gone on to Vermillion Resort.  I am wondering about his schedule at this point in time, since I am taking care of business on this end for him.  If anyone has seen Dave or Jeff & Melanie, I would appreciate an update.  His roomate John is in Yosemite and is trying to figure out the schedule to hike south to meet Dave at Vermillion.  Thanks so much for any help!
Dave's sister,

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