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RE: [pct-l] PCT hike, first timer, starting in Tuolumne, ADVICE?

Hi Angus,

Your situation sounds similar to mine before my '97 PCT thru-hike.  Go for

In a normal snow year, you wouldn't need an ice axe north of Tuolumne
Meadows, but this year's snow pack is way above normal.  An ice axe is
probably a good precaution.  Make sure you know how to use it.  That being
said, I'm not planning to bring my ice axe on the Crater Lake to Manning
section this summer.  I might regret it.

Don't worry about going solo.  You'll meet other thru-hikers on the trail.
The early '99ers are getting into Tuolumne Meadows right about now.

Boots will be fine.  I hiked the whole thing in boots in '97.  (But I'm
trying running shoes this summer.)

Don't even consider snow shoes.  The snow will be mostly well packed and is
melting fast.  You'll post-hole some, but that's the breaks.

If you're going through Washington, plan for cold rain and snow fall.  '97
was a bad rain year, so I hope '99 won't be.  I'd like to be able to see
Glacier Peak this time. ;-)  The general rule of thumb is if you get to
Manning before the end of September, you'll probably get there before the
winter storms start coming through.  After that you're pushing your luck.


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