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RE: [pct-l] AT vs PCT

I hiked the AT in 96, then the PCT in 98. This summer I did the first 650
miles of the AT again.

One reason for going back to the AT for my vacation this year was the
friendly people on the AT, and I wasn't disappointed. Nothing wrong with the
PCT poeple, but I think people on the AT is at least as friendly as on the
PCT. In general they are more relaxed (probably because having less miles to
do in a longer seaon).

When it comes to cell-phones I saw a couple of people using them. They
seemed almost embarrassed about it and tended to take them away from the
shelters. I'll have to agree with one of the other answers that I can't
really see how you can use a cell phone to get room in a shelter as they are
first come first serve.

If you don't like people, then of course the PCT is "better" that the AT,
but then why hike a trail in the first place?


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