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[pct-l] AT vs PCT

This is just some more infor to pass down. The AT war stories come from a 
hiker who did the AT in 1976 and lives close to that trail today. He claims 
thru -hikers there are more pushy today than in 1976 with space being limited 
at many of the more prized camps, Cell use is an unfair advantage in some 
places. He also hiked PCT in 1977, we saw a total of 8 other hikers in the 
state of Washington, a somewhat greater wildnerness experience than you will 
get on the AT. Human nature as it is, 20 thru hikers will be more on a one on 
one level with each other than the 350 plus thru-hiker AT mob. It,s like the 
little town vs Big City story, In a little town , people know what you had 
for breakfast and just about anything else about you. In a Big City, you may 
not know who lives in the next apartment. ( you get the picture )  The PCT  
isn,t loved to death yet, but I fear in 10 more years, it could become 
another " Commuter Trail " like the AT. ( Imagine the night of the living 
dead with backpacks) this is my view of today,s AT.
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