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Re: [pct-l] Ultralight???

I start hiking on Wednesday, the 21st. Just weighed my pack yesterday,
and it's about 22 pounds without food and water. I have read Ray's book
but don't consider myself an ultralight person at all. Have a radio,
cell phone, microcassette recorder, camera, Nomad Lite tent, camp shoes,
pile top and bottom and still am pretty light. It feels like the right
compromise for me. We shall see as the trail unfolds.

My departure from Colorado has been postponed until the 17th due to an
injured foot - my chiropractor has assured me it won't delay the
departure from Campo - so anyone who's not on the roster, for this year
or next, and wants to be can still contact me. After that, send any
changes or additions to rbruce @consumerpro.com.

I'll take any healing energy anyone can spare for this foot of mine.
Interesting timing!!! Best wishes to all who are leaving before me, and
anticipated meetings with those who will follow.

Enjoy the day.

Namaste, m

Margo Chisholm
The Freedom Coach
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"Challenge your most cherished assumptions."
-- Unknown

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