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[pct-l] great road atlas for the folks at home

some friends of mine showed me a new road atlas (well, new to me, anyway).
it is the "california road and recreation atlas" by benchmark maps (510
845 6277), (c) 1998.  it has the pct on it.  my friends say it is much
more accurate than the older delorme maps, which have a lot of errors.

i recommend this map for letting the folks at home understand better where
you are and for helping people meet you at the trail heads.

i leave early friday morning.  i'm getting a ride with another pct hiker
whose family was kind of enough to let me ride with them. 

i hope to see many of you saturday night at lake morena, but i might not
make it that far the first day.

on the ulta-light thing, i think the recent discussion was good.  there
are few, if any, ultra-lights among us.  but many of us apply some of the
ideas to reduce packweight.  and tom, c'mon, just because some people walk
fast and carry less weight on their backs than you or montedodge doesn't
imply that they don't like being in nature.


ps. i'm a slow walker.  17lbs dry pack weight.  i have arthritis in one
    foot and every gram i get out of my pack increases the chance that
    i'll be able to complete the hike.  even as it is, there is a good
    chance that my bad ankle will lock up after a few weeks and that will 
    end my trip.  everyone has different tradeoffs to contend with.

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