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Re: [pct-l] Town stops

At 07:54 AM 12/23/98 -0600, lpmcduff@juno.com wrote:
>We're making our list of town stops and trying to decide between Idylwild
>and Cabazon.  One looks like a long hike down the mountain, the other
>looks like a short hitch into town.  Does anyone know if it is an easy
>hitch into Cabazon?  Also do you have to hitch on I-10 or is there
>another parallel road?

You might try contacting Dan and Helen Middleton.

They are trail angels that live about 100 yds off the PCT just north of the
I-10 Crossing in "West Palm Springs." They leave water out on the trail,
and regulary show hikers hospitality. They were lamenting that the bushes
had grown so high from El Nino last year, that they couldn't always see the
hikers walk by so they could offer help. I know that they have held
packages for PCT hikers in the past. They even have a cabin where they let
hikers stay.

I asked them this summer if they wanted to be listed in the town guide, and
they said no, but they didn't mind if I mentioned them on the list.

They are an older, retired couple, and I think it is nesc to ask them
before you send a package.

Write to them at:

Dan and Helen Middleton
13010 Cottonwood Rd
HCR-1, Box 2001
Whitwater, CA 92282
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