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RE: [pct-l] Town stops

Idyllwild was one of my favorite town stops in '97.  In my opinion, don't
miss it!

Yes, it's a long way down to the trailhead, and a few more miles into town
after that.  But a busy trailhead is a MUCH easier hitch than an Interstate
onramp.  And there are other ways to mitigate the inconvenience.  Some
people hike into town on one trail and out another, essentially taking an
alternate route through town.  (Big Bear City is even more amenable to this

If you're planning to stay in a motel, or not stay the night, you can cache
your tent, sleeping bag, and stove at the top of the hill.  Taking an
"empty" pack into town to pick up a food box is relatively easy.  It
convinced me to find some more stuff to send home at the next post office


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> We're making our list of town stops and trying to decide between Idylwild
> and Cabazon.  One looks like a long hike down the mountain, the other
> looks like a short hitch into town.  Does anyone know if it is an easy
> hitch into Cabazon?  Also do you have to hitch on I-10 or is there
> another parallel road?
> Annie and the Salesman
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