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[pct-l] PCT Chatroom.....

Below is a message I summited to the Pacific Crest Trail Club and sent out to
the current members, but I'd like to open it up and encourage *pct list*
members to join (it's free). 

>For all interested, I'd like to set up a "real time chat" on the Pacific
Crest Trail Club after the holidays. My suggestion is for Tuesday nights 9 to
11 ET, starting January 5th, which should allow all club members, regardless
of where they live, to participate in sharing ideas and information concerning
the PCT and thru-hiking for the upcoming year in particular. 

Any and all comments, questions or suggestions are welcome!>

Club members are able to take advantage of a club's private chat room, message
boards and other features. 

To become a member of this club, just go to the Web address below:


You need to go to the address above to join the club, but you can take a look
at the club by going to:


Happy Holidays,  Sly

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