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[pct-l] Reading Material and questions

     Just finished reading  "The Pacific Crest Trail Hikers Handbook" by
Ray Jardine.  I found it up to par with most backpacking guides I have
read.  It's difficult to create paradigms for Dharma and I definitely
don't envy authors this task.  I feel the closer someone walks to the
edge the more concerned they are for the next they see,  free will is a
strange thing.  Some people feel that to even sway the awareness of a
person to notice that there is a door to the library of previous
experience is infringing on freewheel.  I think the worst example I've
heard of this occurred on Everest in 1996 when one expedition passed by
another whose members were freezing to death and on the verge of death
and who did later die, because the passing expedition "didn't know them".
 I'm sure it wasn't as cut and dry as this but similar.  The point is I
understand why people want to show us the library of experience.  Carlos
Castenada attributes "The only path for me is the path of heart" to his
mentor Don Juan and it's good to know that the Intent of the author is
usually for the good no matter the outcome.
   Another book I've just read is by Tom Ridley and is called "Power
Packing".  A good proportion is about nutrition for sustained energy.  He
recommends a diet based on 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein,
and 30 percent fats.  Which seems to agree somewhat with some of the info
at fred.net/ultrunr that I have read.  I guess nutrition ends up being
whatever works for the individual.  If there were really a perfect diet
would we still be dying after all these years?
     Does anybody know of any other literature on fastpacking that I
could get my hands on?  My pet eclectic is quite hungry and needs
     Brick,  I was wondering what your starting date was is 95 and if it
would have been different given different snow conditions.  Also
wondering about the weight gainer 900.  Why did you chose this one  over
one of there higher calorie products?   And I remember reading that you
had used only the self arrest grips off some ski poles.  I seem to
remember that you didn't  like them and I was wondering if you would have
felt better with a shortened Ice Axe.  My cousin is an engineer at Black
Diamond on their Ice Line and has offered to cut down an axe if I decide
to go that route.  

     Has anybody used Bear Valley Pemmican and Meal Pack bars?   I'm not
much of a cook and these are relatively cheap.

             Om so ham tat tvam asi,

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