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Re: [pct-l] Vasque Clarion boots

In a message dated 98-11-29 10:52:44 EST, charliethorpe@worldnet.att.net

<< I noticed that there were a couple of mentions of the Clarion boots on the
 list lately.  Caused me to recall that "Sierra Trading Post" (800.713.4534)
 was selling them for about half price ($60).  Don't know if the "n" sizes
 are included >>

Clarions aren't themselves "narrow," "medium," or "wide," the variable inserts
make them so--or so Vasque claims. Personally, I think the Variable Fit System
is a bit of Big Company Corporate Bunk, but there's no denying that a thicker
insert (a la Superfeet or similar) sucks up more volume to the benefit of a
thinner foot. 

Regardless, if you're stuck on the Clarion, get them for the bargain $60, then
find the appropriate insert, be it a Vasque one or otherwise. 

Former Attorney General Ed Meese
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