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Re: [pct-l] Reading Material and questions

In a message dated 11/29/98 9:39:27 AM Pacific Standard Time,
timfearn@juno.com writes:

>      Has anybody used Bear Valley Pemmican and Meal Pack bars?   I'm not
>  much of a cook and these are relatively cheap.

The Bear Valley Bar is, without exception, the most vile repulsive nausea-
inducing substance I have ever put into my mouth. It is like chewing dead bark
that's been rolled in fecal matter. I bought cases of the stuff for my thru-
hike, thinking that its superior nutritional content would supply me with
enough energy to repeatedly walk 20 miles a day, but I think I'd rather walk
less and feel more tired than ingesting that stuff again. In fact, I think I'd
rather spread peanut butter all over my naked body and spent a night in bear-
country than eat another Bear Valley bar. If you can swallow it without
gagging, then my hat is off to you, because I sure couldn't do it. Stick with
Clif Bars and Gorp and you'll be fine. 

Keep on Keepin' On,
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