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RE: [pct-l] Tyvek


I did some "in home" experiments with housewrap style Tyvek.  I was looking
for good ways to attach guy lines to the stuff.  I tried:

- grommets
- grommets reinforced with Tyvek on both sides (e.g. grommets through three
layers glued together)
- grommets reinforced with nylon on both sides
- nylon webbing loops (sewn on with a box stitch) reinforced with Tyvek on
both sides
- nylon webbing loops (sewn on with a box stitch) reinforced with nylon on
both sides

The nylon reinforcing was the self adhesive stuff sold for patching tents.

I've also tried tying into the stuff with a sheetbend as Ray Jardine
suggests for plastic tarps, and have used the "gather the stuff around a
pebble and tie off" trick as well.

My results: grommets don't hold well in any of the configurations.  Using
nylon reinforcing yielded the least bad results.  In all cases the grommet
ripped out under what seemed like a fairly light load.

The nylon webbing loops worked much better, particularly with the nylon
reinforcement.  With the nylon reinforcement tearing out the corner took
quite a bit of force.  When the corner finally failed, the whole corner
ripped off PAST the reinforcement.  In other words, the attachment was
stronger than the Tyvek itself.

Tying a sheet bend into the corner is also quite strong, though it leaves
the tarp no longer square, and therefore harder to pitch taughtly.  The
pebble trick also works.  The one time I used it is significantly abraded
the Tyvek, though I have to admit the stone wasn't particularly smooth.

In my tests, I found that when Tyvek rips it rips dramatically.  It is
fairly hard to get it to tear in the first place, but when it goes it's
gone.  I've also noticed that larger pieces are harder to destroy than small
pieces.  I speculate that the force is distributed over a larger area.

I'm a bit nervous about sewing Tyvek, mostly because I can imagine the
thread holes starting to pull out and turning into tears.  With the nylon
reinforcement this obviously isn't a problem.  Without it I'm not so sure.

Hope this is helpful.

-- Jim

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 Anyone know how well Tyvek holds thread?
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