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Re: [pct-l] BackPacks

>       Wasn't the guy talking about lying down across the trail
> and making other hikers climb over him? My momma taught me that
> it's plain good manners not to pull stunts like that. Can't
> see where thru-hiking makes it okay.

Everybody Chill-out. Unless this guy actually blocked YOU personally while you
were hiking, no harm done. Right?  This is how those stupid flame-wars get
started.  Anyway, it's not like the guy was blocking all four lanes of I-5 from
L.A. to S.F.  Maybe, the skeeters were better in the middle of the trail.
"Don't judge a man until you walk a mile in his moccasins" is what my parents
always told me.

Hike your own hike.

Dude in TX

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