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Re: [pct-l] Tyvek

>  Anyone know how well Tyvek holds thread?

Actaully, I had this conversation on the trail at Vermillion Valley resort, and
some people told me that you can't sew it.  I'm not into textiles, so I don't
really know.  That's just wat I heard.  The way that we got on the topic is
bcasue someone left a Tyvek suit in one of the backpackers' tents.  We joked
about taking just the suit and no clothes, no bag, no groundcloth, no pad, just
the suit.  Anyway, the suit didn't appear sewn.  There were'mnt many seams and
were the zipper was, apperaed to be glued or something.  If you want to check
one out, I hear that painters use them to protect their clothes from paint while

What this has to do with hiking, I don't really know.

Dude in TX

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