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re: [pct-l] Light weight packs

dude wrote:
1.  What pack would you recommend?

2.  How small can I go?  I am considering the North Face Exocet, which
is 2000ci.   It only wieghs 1lb, 15oz.  I am planning on taking my gear
to the store with me to see if it fits, but I wantde some feedback frim
people who have experience in ultralight.

3.  Has anyone ever used the TNF Exocet?  If so, what is your opinion of
the pack?

1)  for serious ultralight, i have a lafuma activ light 37 (37L, about
2700ci).  in summer, i can go for about 2-3 nights in the sierra, or 3-4
nights on the AT (the difference is in clothing).  i have to strap my pad
and sometimes my bivy sack to the outside, plus i've added mtnsmith pockets
to the hipbelt and water carriers on both sides.  the pack weighs 1lb 12oz.
 never got over 25lbs total weight.  i love it for short trips, but would
not use it for long trips.
        i have a mtnsmith diamond (women's pack, i'm small) about 3200ci.
it is heavier, closer to 4lbs, but i can do all my hiking/backcountry
skiing in this pack.  very comfortable.  i will thruhike with this one.
        also check out the osprey finesse.

2)  don't simply "take your gear to the store to see if it fits."  going
ultralight is a mental process, forcing yourself to pretend to be
comfortable with much less than you're used to.  it's taken me a couple
years to pare down and still feel safe and comfortable out there, and by no
means am i an extreme ultralighter.  there are some who can do thruhikes at
20-25lbs fully loaded, that's not me (yet?).  if you've not already
experimented with ultralight, i'd get something around 3000ci, and force
yourself to use it.

3)  there are a couple of guys on the AT-L that swear by the exocet, even
in winter.  they are serious ultralighters.  the good points of this pack
are the plentiful lash points, cos at that volume, a few things have to go
outside.  michael connick (connik?) is one of them, he has an ultralight
web page, that i do not know the address to, but i'm sure he can be found.
or post a guest message to AT-L for him.

have fun...

ke kaahawe   AT92 TYT94 PCT2000
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