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[pct-l] Light Weight Packs

Dear Dud in TX,

I've been hiking a couple of years with a Mountainsmith backpack,
specifically the Mountain Light.  It only weighs 2 pounds, 10 ounces. and
it holds plenty for a 5 or 7 day trip.  I also purchased a Feathered
Friends sleeping bag at about 2 pounds, and the ultra light Thermarest
sleeping pad.  I figure the savings in weight from my former set up is
about six pounds.  Love all the equipment.  Very comfortable backpack.

The trick in going light is to consider every ounce you take a dozen times.
Are you sure, can you do without it?  Can it be used for more than one
purpose?  What's the worst that can happen if I don't have it with me?  The
above questions apply to equipment and food.  Count every OUNCE----16 make
a pound!

If you want more specifics, you can e-mail me directly at

What other ideas do people have for saving weight?

Have fun,  Gayle Granite

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