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[pct-l] Geezers


Maybe there's something about being 60 (I'll be 60 in February, and I 
have a yen to thru-walk the PCT in 1999 or 2000, despite formidable 
barriers, not the least of which is I have Parkinson's), and perhaps we 
should band together, at least in spirit.  Keep us informed of your 

Peter "Powerful Tiger" Haskell

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>Mike --
>If there's another 60-year-old who wants to see what the PCT is all 
about, he
>sure gets my support!  Please let me know if I can help.  I hiked from 
>to Donner Summit last year with my son (about 1200 miles) and plan to 
>the trek in 1999.  He went on and completed the PCT (2640 miles) on 
>20th.  If you want more details about that, check our web site at
>Here's the information you asked for about twilight times.  (And, I 
might add,
>your question is more complicated than is seems since the start of 
>light or the end of evening depends not only on the time of year but on 
>latitude.  There's also the complication of daylight saving time, which 
is in
>effect during the normal hiking season.)  The times given here are for
>astronomical twilight, i.e., when the sun is 18 degrees below the 
>That's the first hint of light in the morning or essentially complete 
>in the evening.  
>For 40 degrees north latitude:  
>     April 1     9:00 PM     5:15 AM 
>     May 1     9:40 PM     4:15 AM
>     June 1   10:20 PM     3:35 AM
>     July 1    10:35 PM     3:35 AM
>     Aug. 1   10:00 PM     4:15 AM
>    Sept. 1     9:10 PM     4:55 AM
>     Oct. 1     8:15 PM     5:25 AM
>You should add a correction for latitude:  In Campo on May 1, sunset 
>about 12 minutes earlier and sunrise about 12 minutes later.  At the 
>border on Sept. 1,  sunset is about 14 minutes later and sunrise the 
>amount earlier.  
>Yes, there are also corrections for longitude:  The differences between
>"standard" (in this case "Daylight") time and local mean time 
regardless of
>the time of year are:  At Campo, subtract 8 minutes from the times 
given.  At
>the Canadian border, add 9 minutes.  
>Obviously there is a lot more to this.  The times given, with these
>corrections, are probably good within two minutes, at sea level, no 
>smooth horizon, ... in other words, not exactly true, ever, on the PCT!  
>interesting side note:  In midsummer at 50 degrees north latitude, 
i.e., in
>mid-Canada or southern England, the sun doesn't GET 18 degrees below 
>horizon for about six weeks!  It doesn't really get dark then, as you 
>OK.  Enough of that.  What really happens is, you stop hiking when it 
>dark or before if you want some daylight to set up camp and cook.  We 
>woke up at first light and were on the trail before sunrise.  If we got
>sleepy, we took a siesta at midday.  This, I must add, is a 
particularly good
>regimen while hiking in the desert.  Do not feel you must follow 
Kipling's (?)
>admonishment regarding mad dogs, etc. to hike in the noonday sun!    
>I like the trail name, "Tea Machine" and would not turn down a good cup 
if we
>ever meet on the trail.  While trail names seem to be the thing on the 
>most do not use them on the 
>PCT.  However, we started out from the Mexican border last year with 
>from York, who answered to the trail name, "Duke of Gorp".  We lost 
track of
>him along the way; I don't think he finished, but do hope he was able 
>experience the high Sierra before he got off the trail.
>Hope others have answered your questions about PCTA membership.  
They're very
>helpful, particularly in the permit area.  Good luck, and please let me 
>if we can be of further assistance.  Roy Robinson aka "TrailDad" 
>>My name is Mike Scawen, I am 60 and completed the AT in 1997.  My 
>>name is The Tea Machine on account of the fact that I make tea for
>>anybody I meet on the trail.
>>Most of my questions have been answered and like a lot of '99ers we 
>>that El Nino takes a hike too, however a very fundemental question 
>>a foreigner.  During the normal hiking season of May thru September 
>>time in the morning do you have gray light sufficient to start hiking
>>and what time should you plan on stopping because of failing light in
>>the evening?  
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