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[pct-l] Marble MT's and Trinity's snow report

I hiked up into the Siskiyou's yesturday. Great hike. I climbed up Copper
Butte a ways to get a veiw of the Cascades. This Mountain is just north of
Siead Valley on the PCT, East of Cook and Green Pass and Upper Devel. I got
a great view of the snow situation. The Marble Mountians had spoted snow.
Looked like the snow started around 7000 foot. The Trinity's had more snow
and the Rusian Wilderness had a bunch. I didn't have a map or compass but it
looked like Lassen area was covered! I was looking south on all the north
slopes. North of Siead looked clear. I could see all the way to Mount
McLoughlin which had snow. I was above 6000 foot and there were a few snow
drifts. A couple were hard to walk on.


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