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[pct-l] What kind of guy is this Horseam?


You claim:

"I really hate the thought of causing any damage and to take away any
wilderness experience for the hiker searching for solitude."

And yet you say:

"I dropped my $350 mountainsmith backpack off in the middle of a trail with a note saying, "It's Yours". It also had a Clip flashlite tent and a bunch of other goodies inside. I was over loaded!"


"I have a video of me feeding a bear top ramen. I know it is wrong but I used to love feeding animals."


"Boy, guilty of this one too! I try and catch it and repair the hole.
Sometimes it is impossible to see what is happening below."


"I have never camped at a lake with horses and never seen a horse
camped at one. I am guilty of swimming a horse though. This is the ultimate fun!"

Boy, over loaded, wrong, guilty and guilty! You should check your so called naturalist ethics against the intrusions on the wilderness you so lightly justify and discard!


Greg "Strider" Hummel

P.S. I just happened to see a theme in comments here and had to collect them, clearly out of context, however revealing when taken together perhaps. * From the Pacific Crest Trail Email List | For info http://www.hack.net/lists *