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[pct-l] Re: Lists now closed (list admin) continued

BTW, this is what you'll get back if you try to post from a non-subscribed account:

        BOUNCE (at, pct, iat)t-l@saffron.hack.net: Non-member submission from [Ryan
Brooks <ryan@serge.hack.net>]

blah...blah.. blah...

Again, if you get this message sent to you when you attempt to post, please drop me
an email and I can fix it right away.


Ryan Brooks

Ryan K. Brooks wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> The AT-L, PCT-L and IAT-L lists are now closed.   This means that only
> subscribers are allowed to post to the lists.   If anyone has problems
> posting because of this change, please send me an email: ryan@inc.net
> Note that if you send messages to the list from a different address than
> you are subscribed from, the mail server has no way of knowing it's okay
> to let your post out.   Just let me know what any other addresses are
> that you'd like to be able to post from and I can add them to the
> allowed list.
> Thanks for your patience,
> Ryan Brooks
> ryan@inc.net
> Crossing fingers for a spam-free future...

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