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[pct-l] Re: Flip-flop of the PCT

At 03:42 PM 4/23/1998 -0500, you wrote:
> On the AT it's called a flip-flop when northbounders who may not reach
>Katahdin before the snow and ice flip up there and hike south, giving
>them more time to complete their hike in one year.
>You've obviously thought a lot about it on the PCT.  

Some anyway.  

>When and where would you start and finish the various sections,

Well, think of the hazards.   OR and WN, rainy.  High Sierras and San J
snow on trail (or ice).
Deserts, heat.   Moister sections, bugs.

So plan each part in the season best suited to overcoming its disadvantage.
  North and buggy areas in the "dry" (er) season, desert in winter (or at
least spring/fall), high areas in August.   It plans itself.

> and how would you work the transportation in between?   

Greyhound.   I will only cut it into three or four sections.  Rainy, icy,
desert maybe.

>My wife and I hiked the JMT in September of
>'95 and had a wonderful time, but she is a little concerned about the
>stories she hears of ice axes and stream crossings in June.

Good thinking!   My idea exactly.   Late August for me.

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