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[pct-l] Section D Hike

Class of '98,

Two friends (Cher and Trish) and I hiked 14+ miles Sunday on the PCT along the
eastern end of the San Gabriel Mountains (Section D). We entered the trail
from Pine Canyon Road using Sheep Creek Truck Trail 3N31 (map D2). Be aware
that the truck trail has a mud slide located within 100-200 yards of the
ridgeline at 6,300 feet. The slide is approximatley 3-4 feet deep and covered
the road for 20-25 feet. We were able to cross it using 4WD, but it would be
really nice if someone (FS ?) could remove the slide debris and regrade the

Truck Trail 3N31crosses the PCT at 6,300 feet. The trail was snow covered
(6-12 inches) down to 6,000 feet with patchy snow on the north slopes until
5,700 feet. Daytime temps remained in the upper 50's - lower 60's throughout
the day.  As in previous years, we encountered and removed many (15-20 each)
ticks during the course of our hike. 

For through-hikers passing this way, note that there is a new McDonalds
Restaurant currently under construction on Wagon Wheel Road (just south of
Tiffany's - see map D1). It appears to be completed except for paving the
parking lot. It should be OPEN by the time hikers exit Crowder Canyon (Section

Charlie Jones

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