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RE: [pct-l] Rain

At 01:29 PM 4/11/98 +0200, Svein Eriksen wrote:
>The most important though - also mentioned in previous answers - is a
>waterproof bag. Cant stress that enough. Really waterproof. Room for
>your bag and your spare (dry) clothes. And you should be able to go
>swimming with it without getting the content wet!

        The best 'really waterproof' bags I've seen / used are the rugged
drybags that rafters and canoeists use.   Last summer on a rafting trip by
Moab we flipped our raft......our drybags stayed clipped into the raft
underneath, and after getting right-side-up we continued....later I pulled
out both my sleeping bag and video camera, without a drop of water inside
the drybag.
        REI sells them.  They're a thick polyethyl/propylene-type material,
with some sort of threaded material in 'em to keep 'em from ripping.
Although a bit heavy, as you might expect, they're simple, come in several
sizes, are inexpensive, and if sealed properly I can attest that they REALLY
ARE waterproof......
Kevin Corcoran
Palmdale CA

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